The Best of IKEA: Storage Solutions for an Organized Home

Whether you’re in a house with room to spare or are desperately seeking storage in a smaller apartment – keep an eye out for these pieces when you’re at IKEA!

I’ll admit – I’m a bit of a neat freak. I’ve always believed in the whole “a place for everything and everything in its place” phrase. I’m the kind of person that can’t relax knowing the dishes aren’t put away or can’t focus on work if there are too many things out on my desk (though I’m sure these standards I’ve set for myself may fall by the wayside when I have kids…).  Minimizing visual clutter and keeping my home organized gives me a sense of calm. 

As much as I love an organized home, I don’t necessarily love spending tons of money on bins or baskets. As much as I don’t want to break the budget on bins and baskets, I still want them to look good and fit my overall visual aesthetic, which is why I love going to IKEA for storage solutions.

Since I’ve already made a post about My Favourite IKEA Furniture and Decor pieces, I thought I would round up some of my favourite IKEA storage and organization solutions. I love the pieces below for a few different reasons – they’re clean, simply & stylish ( read black, white & neutral ), they’re versatile so you can use them in different spaces to fit your storage needs and they look more expensive than they actually are. Here they are:

The Best Storage & Organization Solutions from IKEA for a chic and put together space

IKEA RISATORP White Wire Basket $9.99 | IKEA 365+ Storage Jars with Bamboo Lids $9.99 & Small $8.99 | IKEA NISSAFORS Utility Cart – Black $36.99 | IKEA RÅSRÅSKOG$39.99 | IKEA BEKVÄM Spice Rack/Wall Shelf $6.99 | IKEA PUDDA Storage Basket $14.99 | IKEA GODMORGON Storage Boxes with Lid (Set of 5) $11.99 | IKEA MANICK Black Metal Box with Lid $19.99 | IKEA JONAXEL White Wire Storage Tower $39.99 | IKEA MOPPE Mini Wood Chest of Drawers $29.99 | IKEA SMARRA Woven Box with Lid Large $19.99 & Small $14.99| IKEA LACKISAR Storage Bags $14.99 | IKEA Skubb Storage Boxes (Set of 6) $9.99

RISATORP Wire Baskets

These baskets are great for anything – they look great in the kitchen/pantry, they’re great for kids toys, they’re perfect for art supplies … I love that they have a handle, making them great for storing bunches of items you might want to bring out to the kids play space or craft table all at once. They’re cute enough to store on open shelving and functional enough to use behind closed doors.

365+ Storage Jars

If you’re looking to organize your pantry or open shelves and stay on budget, the IKEA 365+ jars and containers are a great way to do so. The bamboo lid makes them look more expensive than they actually are as most similar comparables start at double the price.

NISSAFORS Utility Cart

This utility cart comes at a slightly lower price point than the Raskog, but it’s cleaner lines definitely don’t make it look so. If you’re looking for the secondary storage but want something more minimal, this cart is a great way to add affordable style and storage to your space.

RÅSKOG Utility Cart

This cart is a bit more compact making it a better option for space saving. It is available in a few different colours, so if the black Nissafors cart isn’t your cup of tea – you may have more luck with this one. The deeper shelves make this cart better for practical storage, not just styling. There are so many uses for this cart – from bathroom storage to kitchen storage, from a portable crafting station to a portable bar station – the options are endless.

This cart is a favourite of many. Below are two great examples of how versatile this cart is as used as a nightstand via or an outdoor bar cart via

BEKVÄM Spice Rack

Don’t be fooled by this being described as a spice rack. My favourite uses for this $7 gem have mainly been outside of the kitchen. Basically every nursery has some of these on the wall holding up baby books. This spice rack looks great in small spaces like laundry rooms, bathrooms and offices where you need some extra storage. You can store plants on it. It can be painted, stained or left natural. Whether you use it as a shelf with a rail or install it upside down and use it for hanging storage – it is just absolutely so versatile.

PUDDA, SMARRA & MANICK Storage Bins and Boxes

Three different options, many different uses. The PUDDA bins are great for open storage – you can throw your books, cords or kids toys in them with ease and tuck them away when company comes over. They’re easy access and no fuss. The SMARRA boxes look like they cost way more than they actually do. If you’re looking for a cute, boho chic way to store some small items – these are a must. Bonus – they look great even when they’re sitting out or open as well. The MANICK storage boxes I like because they’re more hefty than the paper storage bins they sell. If you’re trying to keep media, papers or other small items organized – these are great. You can label them so you don’t forget what you put inside as well!

GODMORGON Storage Boxes with Lids

An actual GOD-send for bathroom storage and organization. I love that these come with lids as well to keep out all the loose hair, spray and powder that inevitably finds it’s way into every nook and cranny in a bathroom. The fact that this set is only $11.99 is a steal as most individual acrylic boxes without lids start at that price point. Having organized bathroom drawers/storage will change your life.

JONAXEL Storage Shelving

The Jonaxel storage bins, frames and shelves are a great way to add function to a space you don’t necessarily want to blow the budget on. The skinnier units are great if you’re in a rental with minimal vanity storage as it can tuck between the toilet and vanity and really increase your storage. I used one of these units in my condo beside my stacked washer & dryer in my laundry closet to add a space for cleaning supplies, products and detergents as well. All of the items in the Jonaxel system can definitely increase the functionality of your storage without breaking the budget – making it a great solution for anyone concerned about cost.

MOPPE Mini Wood Chest of Drawers

If you’re looking to add some functional, easy access storage to your work space, craft space or garage – this unit is a great way to do so. It’s great for all the little items that get lost in your desk drawers or tool kits. It’s cost effective and simple, but you can definitely do some great “IKEA Hacks” with it if you’re looking to add more personality. Paint and hardware can completely transform this piece.

LACKISAR Storage Cases

These cases come in a few different sizes making it a great fit for many storage needs. Whether you’re storing extra bedding or off-season clothing – they tuck away easily, they’re not hard on the eyes and they’re easy to pull out by the integrated handle.


If you watched any of Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix and wanted to apply the KonMari method to your closet – these Skubb boxes are what you need. Over the holiday break last year I refolded, reorganized and pared down my wardrobe and organized all of my drawers with these boxes. It has made finding clothes and getting ready so much easier.

What are your favourite home organization and storage products from IKEA? Have you used any of the above pieces to organize your home?

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