The Best of IKEA: Black, White & Natural Pieces That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

Since we’re still on lockdown and I’m unable to peruse the aisles of Homesense for amazing budget decor finds, I thought it was high time that I put together a list of my favourite IKEA items. Now, I know… If you’re in your thirties ( like I am ), you’ve probably spent the last decade selling your LACK media unit and POANG chair on Kijiji that you bought in college to upgrade to something slightly more adult. I get it… We’ve all been there… But today I’m sharing some gems that are classic, neutral and will look like you paid WAY more than the IKEA price for them.

The Best of Ikea: Black, White & Natural.


STOCKHOLM 2017 Cabinet | INGALILL Cushion Cover | FÄRLÖV Arm Chair | GLADOM Black Tray Table | STOCKHOLM Mirror | LOHALS Jute Rug | TURBO Clothes Rack | LISABO Side Table | NYMÅNE Floor Lamp | TILLAGD Black Cutlery Set | FLITIGHET Dinnerware Set | MÖRBYLÅNGA Dining Table | FASCINERA Cutting Board | SNIDAD Rattan Basket | STINAMAJ Throw Blanket | HOVSTA Picture Frame | FULLTALIG Black Candle Holders | SINNERLIG Wicker Pendant Light | ALSEDA Rattan Stool/Pouf | VITTSJÖ Black Shelf Unit | LIVSVERK Vase | HURRING Black Wicker Basket | BJÖRKSNÄS Nightstand | BUSKBO Rattan Armchair | LISABO Wall Shelf | PAX Wardrobe

Here are some examples of how amazing these pieces can look!

So there you have it… Twenty six pieces from IKEA that will definitely up your home game without blowing your budget. Now I have to stop this post because it’s making me want to redecorate my house and buy more.

What are some of your favourite IKEA pieces? Do you have any of these pieces in your home already? Let me know!

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