Hi, I’m Nicole Robin Jenkins. I was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area where I still live with my boyfriend Matt & my dog Ren. I am a young professional in the Interior Design industry and I’ve been working as a Kitchen & Bath Designer for the past six years.

I’ve always been a creative individual and have always felt best when I’ve had an outlet to express it – from playing guitar and joining a band with my best friends at age 11 to working as a hairstylist in my late teens. As I’ve always had an interest in interior design, I pursued my passion and furthered my education in the field in my early 20s and have been working in the design industry ever since. Through it all, I’ve always loved writing and sharing my story – so it’s a wonder why I haven’t started this blog sooner.

I’ve created this blog as a space to share my personal experience, favourite things, everyday style, tips and recommendations. 

As someone who has always been passionate about design and style, I understand the attraction of that perfect Instagram life. As a young homeowner in one of Canada’s most expensive areas – I understand that you can’t always have everything you want. Join me as I write about a realistic & attainable lifestyle, when to splurge and how to save by getting the look for less to create that balance all young professionals need to have.