Home Office : The Look For Less – Work From Home Edition – His & Hers

Well what a year this has turned out to be… Our vacation was officially cancelled due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions and both Matt and I have been working from home for the last month or so. It might get to us every now and then, but I think the dog is having the time of his life. Even though we’ve been spending more time at home, I’ve found it harder and harder to focus on writing for the blog – but I decided to make time today and get back into it.

Since a lot of us are adjusting to the “new normal” and are new to working from home, I figured not everyone has a dedicated home office space. I’m all for conquering the world from my laptop in bed, but I find that I feel a lot more productive and am more inclined to get things done if I’m working at my desk. So if you’re sick of slouching on the sofa with a laptop, I’ve put together a few Home Office looks to get you motivated! Don’t fret – I’ve done both a splurge and save option for all of those who are currently questioning how all of this is going to affect our economy and job security.

Work from Home 2020 Home Office Look for Less Save and Splurge WFH

SPLURGE: Zane Desk | White Lacquer Desk | Lenox Chair | Mid-Century Chair | Sphere Stem Lamp | White Alabaster Lamp | Ember Mug | Limited Edition Charging Pad

SAVE: Manchester Desk | Micke Desk | Anniston Chair | Polly Chair | Balla Lamp | Elena Lamp | Bergen Mug | Charging Pad

As I said, currently both Matt and I are working from home. If you’re in a similar situation, you’ll probably understand why I’m happy that we both have separate workspaces. Since the men in our lives deserve a nice dedicated work from home space as well, I’ve put together a Home Office Save & Splurge for him too!

WFH Work from Home 2020 Home Office for Him Masculine Office Save and Splurge

SPLURGE: Jericho Desk | Mad Black Chair | Lamber Lamp | Ember Mug | Charging Pad

SAVE: Sidy Desk | Galt Chair | Arles Lamp | Black Fleck Mug | Charging Pad

So there you have it. Some simple and potentially inexpensive ways to create a motivating work space at home. I’m hoping to use my office to stay motivated and bring some more blog posts your way! Stay safe & sane everyone!

How have you been coping with COVID-19 quarantine? Are you working from home? Do you have a dedicated work space at home? I’d love to hear about it!

2 thoughts on “Home Office : The Look For Less – Work From Home Edition – His & Hers

  1. love that your posts are never too long and you don’t tell me a huge backstory and a backstory to the backstory. love the his and hers! i even prefer the save options most of the time! I don’t seem to see any dog cushions here though….


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