Home Office Refresh

As I mentioned in a previous post – starting this blog made me really start thinking about doing something with my home office. Since I can take my laptop anywhere – I’ve always gotten cozy on the couch or in bed – but I wanted to take the time and effort to make a space just for me.

The previous owner of our house was using this room as a little boy’s bedroom. It had terrible blue walls and one of those ugly nipple light fixtures which you can see in the picture from the original listing below.

Almost immediately after moving in, I purchased the Mobile Chandelier from West Elm and a gallon of white paint ( CIL – Marshmallow White – which went best with my IKEA desk ) which instantly improved the space. Since I didn’t have much use for a home office at the time, it just became a room that housed my desk and my guitars.

boho scandinavian minimal home office music room
boho scandinavian minimal home office music room

Since I didn’t want to break the bank on this project – I wanted to work with some things I already had. My ghost chair from Structube and white IKEA desk had come with me from my previous home. I chose to get some floating shelves from IKEA to match the desk and create some depth and interest on the white walls. I was tired of my boring desk lamp so I opted to go with the more unique Balla Lamp from Structube which works well with the Mobile chandelier.

Most of the accessories were found at Homesense & Bouclair since I didn’t want to blow the budget on these items but still wanted to make an impact and infuse the space with some character.

boho scandinavian minimal home office music room

The brush stroke art print and wood letter board were great Etsy finds while the line drawing portrait of Ren was ordered from Vogue Paws. I threw the prints in some inexpensive IKEA frames and that was that. I also ordered a brass metal grid to use as a pin/message/inspiration board from Amazon.

boho scandinavian minimal home office music room
boho scandinavian minimal home office music room

I’m absolutely loving how light, bright and warm this space feels with these few small changes that I made to the space.

boho scandinavian minimal home office music room blogger office

Do you have an unused room in your place that you’re looking to take advantage of? Do you have a home office that inspires you?


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