Home Office: My Work From Home Essentials

Back in December I shared the details of my home office refresh ( and boy am I glad I got it into shape before the whole pandemic happened … ). The space was looking great and I made the most trying to work remotely on my MacBook, but with some new changes and opportunities on the horizon (which I’ll share at a later date), I thought it would be a good idea to get a dedicated design laptop and a larger monitor to do my work on.

Since Matt is far more into technology research than I am, I leaned on him and he found the ASUS Zenbook which fit all the specs I needed. My top priority for the monitor was the way it looked, so I picked the HP 27″ FHD Monitor because it had the cleanest stand and a white back – it also works great – bonus… Having a keyboard with a number pad and a separate mouse are key for design programs as well, so I found a white/silver option on Amazon to match my monitor.

Now, getting the right computer setup was important, but I also wanted to share some of my other home office favourites and essentials.

1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I have suffered from migraines and headaches all my life. A lot of my work is done on a computer – staring at a screen all day doing plans, drawings, renderings, e-mails, contracts… you name it. Since getting blue light blocking glasses, I’ve had way less headaches. Now, I didn’t want to break the bank on something until I know it worked, but ended up getting a couple of pairs off of Amazon because they actually work great and at under $40/pair – it’s easy for me to get a few styles to match my mood/outfit. Game. Changers. Linked HERE.

2. Everlasting Candles

I love candles and the ambience they create. Since I don’t usually love any overly perfumed candles – these Everlasting Candles are perfect since they give me the fire I want and are unscented.

3. Saje Diffuser

No, this doesn’t contradict what I said above. I typically don’t like the unnatural scent of most candles – but I do enjoy diffusing essential oils in my Saje diffuser for both the pleasant scent and to boost my mood. My favourite blends to diffuse while working : Yoga, Refresh & Rain Forest.

4. Good Lighting

Adequate lighting is crucial (as mentioned above with headaches / eye strain issues). I didn’t necessarily need a task light, but loved the Balla lamp from Structube because it gives off a great diffused light.

Home Office Essentials Blue Light Glasses Everlasting Candle Structube Lamp Saje Diffuser
Home Office Essentials Blue Light Glasses Everlasting Candle Structube Lamp Saje Diffuser HP Monitor ASUS Zenbook

What are your must have items when working from home?


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