Sunday Favourites: Recent Home Decor Purchases

Happy Sunday! I thought I’d switch up this Sunday Favourites post by sharing a few things I’ve recently purchased for my house that I’m loving.

1. Article Sven Birch Ivory Chair | I finally pulled the trigger and bought this chair. It is so well made, so comfortable and it looks great in the corner of my main floor living space!

2. Grooven Beige Shaggy Barbed Medallion Tassel Area Rug | This rug is so soft and the warm hues were perfect for my home office. Ren loves napping on this rug and it’s crazy how well priced it is on!

3. Fireplace Styling Accessories : The Kinfolk Home Book | Pacific Natural At Home Book | Minimalista Book | Wooden Bowl | After we put the Christmas garland away, I wanted to add something to our otherwise boring mantle. Since the TV is here – I couldn’t get anything too tall – so I stacked a few books and added a wood bowl for texture.

4. June Home Supply Gold Measuring Spoons & Gold Measuring Cups | These were on my Christmas wish list and they’re so pretty, so well made and they make me want to bake more!

5. Delta Trinsic Champagne Bronze Faucet | Finally pulled the trigger and got rid of the ugly touch faucet I hated and got this faucet to add some warmth to the kitchen!

6. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle | Just. look. how. pretty. I’ve been trying to upgrade some appliances and got rid of some ones we don’t use as much. This kettle was worth the splurge.

7. Amber Lewis x Loloi Georgie Runner – Ocean/Sand | For years I’ve been humming and hawing over what runner to get for the kitchen and I finally pulled the trigger when the Amber Lewis Loloi collab came out. I’ve been loving the warmth it’s brought to the kitchen as well.

8. Our Place Perfect Pot in Char & Always Pan in Spice | I’d been looking for a good quality pot & pan and couldn’t help myself.


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