How I Decorated for Halloween

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love Halloween (and also Christmas… basically October 1st to January 1st is my absolute favourite). I’ll admit, I don’t know if it’s because of what COVID did to 2020 or the fact that I’ve been busy with my new job – but I just haven’t felt like I’ve gotten into the same spirit as usual. Since it was a long weekend, I thought I would a take some time to break out the Halloween decorations in attempt to kick start my Halloween spirit into overdrive. Then I also thought I’d do a quick and easy post to share a bit of what I’ve done to get my house ready for Halloween. Most of the items I used I’ve collected overtime from Michaels and Homesense, but I’ve linked a few below.

For the bar, I added some of the Martha Stewart wall bats as well as some skulls and crows/ravens from Michaels.

For the coffee table, I threw some white pumpkins, skulls, wooden beads and my black Everlasting Candle Company candles in a wood tray.

On the foyer table, my black Ikea candle holders were already there, but adding this fluffy little owl, skull cloche, Trick or Treat sign and raven wing bowl increased the overall spookiness.

I used the same Martha Stewart Bats on my fireplace because they’re cute but still spooky and I love them the most.

For the front porch I haven’t busted out any skeletons or gone full Halloween mode yet, but I added little pumpkins to our steps, threw up the fall wreath and traded our summer planter for some orange mums. I’d love to fill the stairs with pumpkins one day, but we have too many steps and Matt would not be too impressed if I dropped $300 on pumpkins…

Here are links to some of the items I’ve used:

Everlasting Candles | Wine Rack | Skeleton | Martha Stewart Bats | Foam Skulls | Black Crow

Have you decorated for Halloween yet?


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