How To Make A Minimal Natural Christmas Wreath

One year a few of my girlfriends and I got together to make holiday wreaths. Every year since, I’ve made my own minimal and natural wreath for my front door using a few simple supplies. Since I always get asked about it, I thought I’d share the process this year in case you’d like to give making your own a try.

What You’ll Need
  • A bundled White Pine bough and Western Cedar Bough – I usually go heavy on the White Pine because I prefer the look of it, but the Cedar adds a nice texture variation. I got these at my local grocery store for only $16.
  • A good pair of scissors to trim branches with.
  • A natural grapevine wreath ( I’ve been using the same one for years ). I originally got this 24″ one from Michaels ( linked HERE ) but trimmed some of it down to make my wreath thinner.
  • A black satin ribbon ( also from Michaels – linked HERE )

How To Do It

Cut individual fronds/branches from the boughs and lace/intertwine into the grapevine wreath. I usually start by adding in all of my pine first to create the base and then sprinkle in the cedar where I feel like it can use some variation.

While you’re putting it together, lift it up every now and then to see how it everything is coming together. To put the finishing touches on, I like to hang the wreath up on a nearby door to see how things are falling and how it will look when hung.

When you’re happy with how it’s looking, take a picture of your amazing work then hang it up for everyone to see! A great tip for keeping the wreath looking fresher longer is to mist it with water every few days.

Last year’s wreath for comparison ( almost identical, except I wore a black sweater…). Sometimes when you know what you like, you just stick with it.

Have you ever made your own holiday wreath?

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