Spooky Yet Chic Halloween Decor

It’s been a busy year so I haven’t posted as much as I maybe would have liked – but I couldn’t let the Halloween season go by without sharing a post of how I decorated for it this year!

In my office, I kept things a ghostly white – because who said things had to be dark to be spooky?

Since the first half of October was pretty warm – I even got some pumpkins for the back deck to pair with my black lanterns and patio furniture for spooky morning coffees.

Because you just can’t have enough wall bats, I used them on both the fireplace and bar – where a few extra spooky skulls and ravens added extra eeriness.

I mixed both white and orange pumpkins for the porch this year then topped it off with black metal lanterns.

I spray painted some faux eucalyptus stems that I got from IKEA matte black and put them in this smoked glass vase also from IKEA – super inexpensive yet super spooky! I also used fishing line to hang these inexpensive witch hats above the kitchen table and foyer table as well.

Rather than filling vases with mini pumpkins to decorate my island as I’ve done most other years, I wanted to switch it up this year! Faux black pampas grass from Crate & Barrel, black Everlasting Candles, skulls and this bone clay garland added the perfect amount of texture and contrast.

I loved what I had done with my coffee table last year – so why fix what ain’t broke? I threw some white pumpkins, skulls, wooden beads and my black Everlasting Candle Company candles in a wood tray.

Here are the links to a few of the items I used:

Everlasting Candles | Martha Stewart Bats | Black Faux Pampas Grass | Faux Eucalyptus Stem | Smoked Glass Vase | Palmistry Hand | Anatomy Skull | Bone Clay Garland | Witch Hats | Black Candle Holders | Pampas Wreath |

Have you decorated for Halloween yet?


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