Sunday Favourites: Ten Perfect Teddy Coats

Doing another short and sweet Sunday Favourites post because sometimes it seems that’s all I have time for! I’m not sure if it’s how cold it’s about to get outside or the fact that I’m still coming off of the holiday season where I spent a decent amount of time under a blanket – but lately I haven’t been able to stop thinking about adding a teddy coat to my outerwear rotation. I love that they can be dressed up but also pair perfectly with loungewear and casual outfits. Below are some teddy coats I’m currently debating and some teddy coat outfit inspiration I’ve been pinning lately!

FROM TOP LEFT: Zara Fleece Coat $69.99 | H&M Teddy Bear Coat $69.99 | UNIQLO Teddy Coat $39.90 | H&M Short Faux Shearling Coat $99 | ASOS Monki Teddy Shearling Coat $180 | ASOS Stradivarius Long Teddy Coat $160 | Boohoo Oversized Teddy Coat $165 | ZARA Faux Fur Wrap Coat  $129.99 | Aritzia Babaton The Teddy Coat  $249 | M Boutique Sherpa Hooded Jacket $135

Some great teddy coat outfit inspiration from Pinterest:

Now the only question is – should I go brown or cream?


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