Sunday Favourites: Warm White Textured Throw Pillows

It’s officially 2021 and the last Sunday of the holiday season. We put away all of the Christmas decor yesterday. On one hand, I’m always sad to see it go… On the other hand, I love the fresh, clean start for the new year. Since I’m missing the warmth that the Christmas decorations add but am loving the return of my clean and minimal space, I thought I’d round up some warm white textured throw pillows because they add that cozy texture & warmth but still feel clean & bright.

From Top Left: H&M Home Tasseled Rectangular Cushion $59.99 | H&M Home Cushion Cover with Tassels $34.99 | H&M Home Tasseled Cushion Cover $34.99 | Anthropologie Textured Indira Pillow $62.40 | Busa Designs Nadi Pillow Cover $39.90 | Anthropologie Bianca Pillow $46.40 | Anthropologie Makura Faux Fur Pillow $54.40 | Urban Outfitters Rumi Shag Throw Pillow $49.00 | Structube Demba Cushion $29.00 | Simons Linen House Chenille Embroidery Cushion $40.00 | Structube Damascus Cushion $39.00

Which one is your favourite?


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