How To Style A Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house but usually the first to get overlooked while you’re styling and decorating. The space where you get ready for your day should be inspired. The space where you unwind after your day should be calming and organized. Even though it’s a small space, a few small and simple changes can really make an impact. Below are six tips on how to style a bathroom.


No styling can help a messy space and it’s hard to decorate a cluttered counter. Get in the habit of keeping a clean, fresh space.  If you don’t have time to clean your bathroom every week, even just cleaning the mirror, faucet, sink and toilet will keep the space feeling fresh. Don’t leave dirty clothes laying around and be sure to put away your toiletries after you’re done with them. Lacking functional bathroom storage? Try getting some internal organizers to maximize your vanity storage. For bathroom storage, I recommend taller organizers to take advantage of the vertical space in the sink cabinet. Here are a few to check out:


Start with a tray – wood grain is a nice way to add texture, but if you prefer something simple, a marble tray is clean and classic.  Grouping items on a tray makes them look more intentional and organized rather than having a bunch of items separated on the counter. Adding cotton swabs and pads into glass jars is a great way to add functional storage that still looks clean. Play with shapes and heights of objects to create a more dynamic look. Opt for hand soap bottles in simpler containers or transfer into an amber glass bottle or solid tone dispenser.  Add in some natural elements like a small plant ( real or faux ) or a piece of coral for texture. In a guest bathroom, I like to store white loofas in a glass jar on the vanity so that guests can take one if they need.

From Top: Crate & Barrel Ike Wood Tray | Crate & Barrel White Birch Candle | Crate & Barrel Glass Canisters | Bouclair Coral | Bouclair Light Wood Elongated Tray | West Elm Marble Jewelry Bowls | Bouclair Mango Wood Tray | Bouclair White Candle | Bouclair Willow Rattan Tray | Structube Plant Pot | CB2 White Soap Dispenser | Bouclair White-Washed Wood Tray | Structube Plato Marble Tray


Not much to do here… If you have a niche – try bringing in a natural element like a sponge or body brush to add texture. No hidden storage? Try transferring shampoos and body washes to simpler, unlabeled containers. If you have a glass enclosure – get in the habit of squeegeeing after each use.

My Guest Bath Shower – I labelled amber glass bottles with Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash so that guests have everything they need but it keeps the shower looking clean and organized.


If you have a tub, a wooden bath tray is not only a great way to add texture and styling items to the tub area, but is a great way to make sure you have all you need at hand. Having a place to rest bath salts, a body brush, a candle and even a glass of wine is a great way to create that spa-like experience and encourage your self-care routine. No tub? Adding in a stool or side table is a great way to add texture and can be styled with a soft towel, a good book or other items from the bath tray as well. BONUS PRO TIP: when styling any space with a candle – add a match jar or bottle as well to finish the look.

From Top: Crate & Barrel Ella Small White Candle | Crate & Barrel Sisal Body Brushes | Article Tana Stool | French Girl Sea Soak | CB2 Cap Ivory Cement Side Table | Etsy Match Jar | Etsy Natural Wood Bath Tray / Caddy | CB2 Natural Bath Accessories and Brushes | Amazon Home Wood Side Table


A good set of towels goes a long way. Get rid of mismatched towels and look for something light and luxe. Fluffy white towels or Turkish towels are a great way to soften a space and add warmth & texture. For a guest bathroom, keeping fresh towels in a basket for easy access will give off that high-end hotel vibe.


Natural elements like wood tables/trays or plants ( real or faux ) can go a long way. Green leaves or branches that give that outdoor feeling will add to the spa experience. As mentioned above, keeping the space neutral, moving items to minimal containers and limiting the amount of colours in the space will make the space feel more calming and relaxing.

Here are a few examples of these tips in action:

Have you styled your bathroom?

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