The Perfect Mid-Century Modern Arm Chair : The Look For Less

I don’t know if it’s because autumn is just around the corner and I have a yearning to get cozy or if it’s because since starting this blog, I’ve wanted to focus on decorating my home office space to make me want to spend more time in it – but I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the perfect cozy nook and getting inspired by some of these spaces:

I’ve always been a fan of a classic mid-century modern leather tufted armchair as I think it’s a timeless and versatile piece. Whether you’re cozied up in it with a book, a laptop, a coffee or a dog – it’s the perfect cozy chair (and it’s way more aesthetically pleasing than an old La-Z-Boy recliner). Though they usually come with a hefty price tag – I’ve been doing my research and trying to find that look for less as I often do. I’ve found high, mid and low price options to pull together your own reading nook featuring this classic chair style.

Kate Chair | Sven Chair | Kinsey Chair | Pendula Lamp | Yearby Lamp | Aston Lamp | Wolcott Table | Bora Table | Karla Table | Jocelyn Rug | Navi Rug | Toman Rug

Despite the look being similar throughout, there is a big $2,000 price difference between the High and Low options.

What is your favourite chair or space in the house to get cozy in? Let me know in the comments!

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