The First Post

It’s a funny thing – you can know your exact vision and purpose for the blog you’re creating, but when it comes time to write that first post, suddenly you just don’t know where to start…

I just wrote my ‘About Me’ page yesterday, so out of the fear of sounding repetitive, I’m going to use this post to go into a little bit more detail of what you can expect to read about on my blog and why.


I currently work as a Kitchen & Bath Designer in Oakville, Ontario. I’ve always had a passion for interior design and absolutely love that I get to help people transform their houses and rekindle their love for their homes. I love that every day is different, every client is different and every home has it’s own unique challenges for me to figure out a way to solve. 

After completing my education, I worked two jobs  ( I designed all day and waited tables all night ) and bought my first condo at the age of 26 in Burlington, Ontario. As a designer, of course I coveted that well curated, put-together home with all of the perfect furniture and accent pieces. As a young homeowner, of course I couldn’t afford the Restoration Hardware or West Elm price tags and all of my other expenses. 

I was torn – I wanted my space to reflect my style – I wanted to leave that college furniture behind – I wanted my house to feel like a home – I wanted so much more than the IKEA Lack series – but how do I find the balance? 

Through this challenge, I became really good at finding the look for less. Now don’t get me wrong – I know there are always times to splurge and I’ve always been a believer of quality over quantity – but being able to mix key pieces with less expensive finds helped me get the look I wanted at a price I could realistically afford.

Fast forward three years. My boyfriend Matt and I decided to move in together. It wasn’t long after that we realized my small condo might not be big enough for the two of us (and my sweet dog Ren, who you’ll definitely see a lot of if you follow me on Instagram). Matt and I purchased a lovely new home on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario where we are currently still living two years later. 

Even though I’m a little older, a little wiser and my income is steadier than it was in my early twenties – the move was a big change. In case you’re not from the Greater Toronto Area – home ownership is a feat in itself in your twenties and early thirties with the way the housing market is. Going from a condo to a house can be overwhelming. Why do the rooms look so empty? What other furniture do we need? How many pieces of art do we need to fill the walls enough to make it look like people actually live here? Again – finding the look for less came back into play.  And now, two years later, here we are. 

Under ‘The Home’ section, you can expect to see posts about my home, getting the look for less, my current home favourites, home renovations, designer tips & tricks and ideas on how to entertain like a boss hostess.


Even though it seems like all I’ve gone on about is design and decor – there is more to me ( and this blog ) than that. 

In a career where you’re selling yourself, your experience and your creative abilities – having your own sense of personal style goes a long way. I’ve always loved using fashion to express myself. Being in a creative field means I get to have a bit more of an edge to my wardrobe rather than just sporting a typical pant suit five days a week – but as with interiors, I believe there has to be that balance of what’s current and what’s classic. Again, I believe in quality over quantity and love investing in key staple pieces while trying out the trends on more budget friendly items. Like I honed my design eye, I’ve also honed my personal sense of style as well – and you’d be hard-pressed to find much in my closet that isn’t black, white, gray, tan, denim or another neutral colour…

Since life isn’t just about work – I make sure to take the time to relax, reflect and indulge. I always try to keep myself inspired and find balance. From trying a new recipe at home to checking out a new restaurant with friends. From going to the gym to spending an evening on the couch with my dog, a face mask & a glass of wine. From travelling and vacationing abroad to having a staycation, mini day trip or camping.

Under the ‘Life & Style’ section, you can expect to see posts about my style, my current favourites, food and drink ideas, stories and tips about travel & local trips, staying balanced with fitness, wellness & self care and tips for living that young professional life at a price you can afford.

So join me & follow along if you’re looking to create your own space & personal style at a price you can live with, if you’re looking to find ideas on entertaining & outings or if you’re looking to find that balance and create that young professional life you’ve envisioned in a realistic and attainable way.

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