Our Master Bathroom

We finally got around to painting our master bathroom this weekend and I couldn’t be happier with the space now that it’s done. Since the space gets no natural light, the fresh coat of white paint really made the space feel bigger, brighter and cleaner.

For the wall colour we went with CIL – Drifting Snow

Delta Dryden Widespread Faucets
Delta Dryden Custom Double Shower
Delta Dryden Custom Shower Fixtures

A few accessories from Homesense & Structube add some texture and colour to the space. Even though there is no natural light in the space, I wanted to bring in some greenery so this faux fiddle leaf fig plant in this gold planter was the perfect way to do that.

Like what you see? Below are some product links to some of the fixtures & accessories in the space!

60″ Gray Double Vanity – Lowe’s Vanity Modero | Shower Set 1 2 3 4 | Carrara Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile | Structube Sol Planter | Structube Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant | Delta Dryden Faucet

22 thoughts on “Our Master Bathroom

    1. I love your look so much I’m recreating it for our master bathroom!! It’s exactly what I was looking for and can’t wait to see it completed! Where did you get the mirrors and the lights over the vanity? Thanks!


    1. Hello! Thanks for your question. The total bathroom dimensions are 135″ x 78″. The shower takes up 40″ x 78″ of that. Hope this helps!


    1. Hi Tom, Thanks for the Question! I don’t have the manufacturer name for the tile – just the fact that they are a 12″ x 24″ polished marble-look porcelain tile. The floor and shower base are a 2″ Carrara Marble Hexagon Mosaic. I hope this helps!


    1. Hello Lynn,

      No, it’s not a medicine cabinet – just a regular mirror! It might have been nice if it were for the extra storage!


  1. Also how is your lighting ? We also do not have natural light. Would you change anything? Getting ready for our renovation in March Btw it’s beautiful


    1. Hello Lynn,

      The pot lights in the shower and in the main area are great to light up the space, but I’m glad we have the sconces for task lighting. Would I have loved a window in there for natural light? Absolutely. Are there any times I find it too dark – nope!


  2. Love what you did with your bathroom. Where did you get your vanity mirrors as well the size of mirrors you used? Thank you


    1. Thank you – they’re a 24″ x 36″ bevelled edge mirror from Homesense. They had similar options at Bouclair.


    1. Hello Jamie,

      Thanks for the question. Yes, it’s the same 2″ carrara marble hexagon on the bathroom floor and shower base.


  3. Bathroom is awesome! I do have one question. Is the ceiling the same color as the walls? When I Zoom in they look a little different so I was just wondering? Thanks so much!


    1. The ceiling is just the standard white ceiling paint – we didn’t paint it the same white as the walls! Baseboards and door are also standard white!


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